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# Using ThisNameDescriptionCommitsVersionStarsForks
  2SteemJSSteem.js the official JavaScript library for Steem blockchain17266
  0piston-cliCommand line tool to interact with the STEEM network.7230
  0piston-libPython Library for Steem.3729
  0SteemJThis project allows you to easily access data stored in the Steem blockchain. The project has been initialized by dez1337 on steemit.com.307
  0RadiatorSteem Ruby API Client2710
  0SteemJS (steemjs-lib)Pure JavaScript Steem crypto library for node.js and browsers. Can be used to construct, sign and broadcast transactions in JavaScript.2514
  1dsteem (TypeScript)Steem blockchain RPC client. A strongly typed steem client library232
  0go-steem/rpcGolang RPC client library for Steem2110
  0steem-rpcJavascript WebSocket rpc library for Steem1910
  1SteemConnectAuthentication management for Steem blockchain apps.178
  0steemcliA command-line client to create Steem posts165
  1steemphp (by davidk)This Project is Steem Client Api in PHP based on the official steemit steem.js https://github.com/steemit/steem-js/102
  0Ditch (C#)The essence of the library is to generate a transaction according to the required operations (vote, comment, etc.), sign the transaction and broadcast to the Graphene-based blockchain (Golos/Steem).95
  0Streemian/app-accountAn app that let's you setup your Steem account for usage with streemian.com813
  1Interactive Steem APIInteract with Steem blockchain directly and learn API calls. Start developing!73
  0steemphp (by jesta)PHP Library for the Steem blockchain RPC74
  0Cryptography.ECDSAThis library implements transaction signing based on secp256k1 algorithm which is used in Graphene-based blockchains such as Steem and Golos. The library is based on https://github.com/warner/python-ecdsa No other curves are included.52
  0steem-lib (JS)A JavaScript library for interacting with Steem in Node.js and the browser53
  0OpenSteemOpenSteem is an open-source project, founded by AskSteem, with the goal of creating a standard metadata schema for the steem blockchain and to promote cross compatibility between steem clients. The project is freely available on our Github page and developers are encouraged to contribute to the standard.41
  2BusyIMGHelps extract avatars and cover images for Steem blockchain.30
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