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Tools/scripts which automatically interact with Steem Blockchain

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  0Steem FOSSbotA curation bot built for the Steemit social media platform, decides which posts to vote for and casts vote on behalf of a registered user3952
  0Dr. OttoDr. Otto is a voting bot that accepts payments for votes.1012
  0steem-trailbotA bot to vote-follow a list of curators on steem57
  0FreakazoidCleverbot.com integration for STEEM.47
  0RandoWhale@randowhale Will upvote posts at random power between 1-50% for 5 STEEM or SBD.44
  0The SeeressA Discord bot to monitor the blockchain for keywords and post a message in-channel when it's discovered.42
  0CurobotYour personal curation bot on the steem network20
  0turbotA simple upvote bot20
  0Self Voter FlaggerAutomatically flags posts which the author votes for themselves. Calculates the down vote power to attempt to negate the vote.13
  1SteemiTagThe SteemiTag program is intended to allow Steemit readers to automatically cast votes on posts published by trusted authors on specified tags11
  0Steem WatchdogAutomating claiming process of author/curation rewards10
  0Account Blacklist FlaggerBot to flag to counter all votes made by blacklisted accounts00
  0AssHatHunter.jsOpen Source Anti-Asshat Node.js Script00
  0Community BotA welcome bot for local communities00
  2CuriosityWe provide a Discord SBD/STEEM wallet service that can be used via the Discord chat. Curiosity Discord Wallet is the very first way to transfer SBD anonymously and directly from person to person.00
  0Donation Vote BotDonation Vote Bot for the Steem blockchain, commissioned by kedjom-keku02
  0DorabotSteemit & Discord bot - Built on Steem-Python and discord.py00
  0Dr. PhilDr. Phil (`drphil.rb`) is reimplementation of the "Winfrey" voting bot specification. The goal is to give everyone an upvote.00
  0LottobotBot that runs a lottery on the Steem network.00
  0NoteefiNoteefi is a Telegram bot for tracking articles and friends.00
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