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Projects which shows you data extracted from Steem blockchain in interesting way.

# Using ThisNameDescriptionCommitsVersionStarsForks
  0SteemVizA handy dashboard visualisation for steemit92
  0SteemWatchThe Steem Notification Center. Future version: https://github.com/steemwatch51
  0SteemStarsSteemStars gives you a simple view of the people who are following you on the Steem network.40
  0SteemPollDecentralized Crowd Decision making dapp30
  0Steem PricesCheck Steem and SBD against other cryptocurrency and against fiat.33
  1SpectaclesA Steemit Follower Tracking App22
  0SteemitCORE INFO .NETIt's Windows app that allows you to check any STEEM account and get account information for any user on STEEM platform.20
  0steem-marketProof of concept steem live-updated market view.20
  0phistCheck history of any STEEM Post.10
  0SteemWhalesA rankings website for Steemians10
  0SteemWinnerSteemWinner is a website that allows you to draw a winner from the article commentators.12
  1UpVotersUseful visual application to interact with curators who constantly upvote your posts.10
  1WhaleSonarWeb application for observation of curation activity based on SteemIt blockchain.10
  1AskSteemA steem search engine00
  0Catch a WhaleA site dedicated to whale sightings on Steemit.00
  1Dead FollowersDetermines which of your followers are dead, or inactive, based on their most recent activity on Steemit.00
  0Mentions toolFind out in which article your username has been used00
  1My Steemit FriendsOn My Steemit Friends” you can type in your username on this website, and it will show who has upvoted you as well as who you have upvoted, ordered by the number of upvotes, in the entire history of Steemit.00
  1Steam OceanProvides the info needed to take the Steem experience to the next level - helping to bring balance to voting patterns and solve common problems on the blockchain.00
  2Steem ActivityA a tool that allows checking the follower's voting activity in order to know the best moments to publish.00
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