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tool which after installing in your browser, extends functionalities of some Steem service

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  1Steem Upvote BotSimple chrome extension that upvotes contents when you go to steemit.com for you.74
  0Steemit NotificationsBrowser extension for Google Chrome which shows notifications when people interact with your posts and comments!34
  0Curator Pro FeedImport your Steem feed and used timed votes00
  1Steem EnhancerSteem Enhancer will let you follow tags and receive Rich Notifications about new replies and comments. You can adjust some settings to get even more to boost your experience using Steem, especially Steemit.com!00
  0Steemit CountDownEasily Monitor Elapsed Times of Posts00
  0Steemit EasyEditDo you wish the editor toolbar stayed at the top? Wish you could just scroll your editing area instead of the whole page on the 'Submit a Story' page?00
  0Steemit FloatVoteMake the upvote button float on a post!00
  0Steemit GoToBlogEasily Go to a Blog00
  0Steemit More InfoA simple Steemit extension that shows more info on steemit.com00
  0Steemit RandomDiscover a Random Post.00
  0Steemit SidebarA tampermonkey script designed to display additional informations (bandwidth, SP, VP, etc.) on the left side of the steemit.com website. Also offers useful links to other applications and tools00
  0SteemIt Smile!Steemit Smile is an add-on to the Google Chrome browser. It integrates with the Steemit portal and allows you to add Emoji in posts and comments.00
  0Steemit ↔ SteemdQuickly Switch Between Steemit.com and Steemd.com.00
  1SteemPlusSteemPlus is a browser extension that lets users hide resteems (whitelist system coming soon) and minnows chose their voting weight.00
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