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Tools/scripts helpful for witnesses.

# Using ThisNameDescriptionCommitsVersionStarsForks
  0Steem-in-a-boxSteem in a box helps to speed up deployment of witnesses with a helper script, combined with precompiled docker images, and great guides by Someguy123.145
  0ConductorConductor is a Steem Witness Toolkit, user friendly, KISS utility for creating, updating and management of your witness.117
  0EZSTEEMA CLI suite for mining/node setup66
  0steem witness failover scriptSingle use automatic failover for steem witness nodes with a Twilio SMS notification61
  0Steemfeed-JSProduces a price feed for witnesses. Simple install. Docker Available.53
  0Steem MonitorMobile application that helps you to Monitor Steem network and get witness block miss notifications on your mobile device!32
  0witness-setupA collection of scripts to set up a Steem Witness on Ubuntu or similar20
  0Witness Server SentryA one time NodeJS failover script to switch to backup witness server.00
  0Witness StatsView statistics on the STEEM witnesses you vote for as well as the top 200.00
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