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It is a swiss knife for the Steem, the authors and the Content market in more than one aspects. Our prototype, the SteemWiki will be built up by the commitment of well known Steemians of the Community #deutsch. We are all volunteers at the moment but with ongoing capitalisation of our project, we hire JS+PHP developers. In between, we build up a marketplace for authors, lectors, curators, translators, artists, photographers, and so on. They will meet in SteemWiki content dealers and and editors. This description is to be continued…


afrog - It Analyst, Investor, Webadmin info_outline
w74 - Journalist, Ctd info_outline
meluni - Author, Ctd info_outline
kadna - Author, Ctd info_outline
chapper - Ctd, Investor info_outline
fredfettmeister - Ctd info_outline
isarmoewe - Author, Crash Test Dummy (Ctd) info_outline
englishtchrivy - Author, Chrash Test Dummy, (Pr) info_outline
don-thomas - Author, It-Know How, Real Estades, Ctd info_outline
vieanna - Crash Test Dummy info_outline
jaki01 - Crash Test Dummy info_outline
balte - Investor, Pr, Steem info_outline
leroy.linientreu - Salesman, Steem-Evangelist, Investor info_outline
chriddi - Organsisation, Admin, Investor, Hr info_outline


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