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Steem Messenger™ is about convenience, security, and privacy. Many Steem users decided to use chats mediums like Discord, and Steem Messenger enables a secure and fast instant messaging interface between users on the Steem blockchain, without the need to trust your recipient, or any other third party. To make this secure and private, we use what we call the Triple Dose Algorithm™. Because your data is important, we carefully apply this algorithm to all messages in the network, which gives us confidence about the security and privacy of interactions between you, users, frontends, and the database. This project is more than messaging. It is about data transfer of any type. With Steem Messenger™, you will now soon be able to chat, make a phone call, video calls, all securely, and with a great level of privacy. But not only ! You could also connect a smart object to the network, give it a username, and it would be a secure, fast, and private way to send intructions to that object. A Steem IoT ? Why not ! Our database is permissioned, and can be opened for developpers to create any frontend for it. For doing so, we created Lara™, a special module that will act as the trusted intermediary of the network.


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