Compare shorting url services
Description The project creates shortened
links for sites in the STEEM network.
Now you'll be able to send links to ...
A url shortener for Steemit is a project that allows you
to create short links. Compared to other
projects, allows you to earn
Project Website
Project Status Live/Released Live/Released Live/Released
Code repository

This project is not open-source :(

This project is not open-source :(
Graph which illustrate rate of development
very simple
Possible Anonymous Usage
Login/SignUp is not required to short a link
QR code
QR code is generated for every link
Information about usage of shorten link.
only number of clicks
Custom Aliases
A possibility to choose an own alias for a link
A way to add multiple links into groups
  (only private)
as "campaigns"
  (private & public)
as "bundles"
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